Monday, 24 February 2014

Venezuelans in Belgium

Venezuelans abroad have been rallying against corruption and for pluralism at home. They have been doing so from Australia to Sweden, from Canada to Chile.

In Germany I know of groups who met in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg and Cologne. Some organised rallies on Wednesday, others on Saturday or on both days.

Here you can see Venezuelans who met in Brussels this Sunday to protest against Maduro's autocratic and corrupt government.

Most people on the other side of the street are also Venezuelans who were joining in

This is from the other side
I am really surprised by the growing amount of Venezuelans I see in Europe now. They are not on vacation here. Most of them were in Venezuela 5 years ago. Most of them are better educated than the average Venezuelan and their skills could be put to use in Venezuela. Every time I mentioned this to Chávez-Maduro supporters in Venezuela, they just shrug and say: "que se vayan, no los queremos aquí" (they should go away, we don't want them here). That is sad.




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