Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jaua: Minister of "Foreign Affairs" or just a rogue?

Elías Jaua sort of studied sociology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).  In reality he spent most of the time planning violent actions as a member of the extreme left there. These blokes would burn lorries and private cars getting too close to the university and then who would hide behind real students, as the police could not get into the campus. He would spend a lot of time listening to "revolutionary music" (Alí Primera, usual stuff), hanging around the Tierra de Nadie, the area at the UCV with all kinds of book stands. There the extreme left would have its area for distributing its propaganda when it was not organising a new attack on public property.

Jaua lost to Capriles during the race to become governor of Miranda in 2012. The national government created a parallel government to the one of Capriles and started to use millions from the Fund for Sustainable Development (FONDEN) to finance this parallel government. There is no oversight of FONDEN by any institution but the Comptroller himself, who is designated by the president.

In this video Jaua accuses former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe of being behind the recent unrests in Venezuela. He also says Uribe is a paramilitary (he might have a point there, but then he should remember his colectivos) and a couple of other things. Jaua has accused Uribe of trying to assassinate Maduro on several occasions. In any case: here a journalist decided to ask him about the proofs. Jaua turns to the journalist in a very threatening manner and asks him whether the journalist is Colombian or Venezuelan.

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