Saturday, 2 February 2013

Venezuela importing maize from the Evil Empire

We are always topping ourselves in the Quest for Underdevelopment.
Cachapas: soon to be imported from Ohio?

Thirty thousand tons of yellow maize just arrived at Puerto Cabello from the United States of America. And it's so laughable: the pseudo-revolutionaries of the Venezuelan government talk all the time about "food independence" and the fight against the Empire (id est USA, never China) and the way in which Venezuela is about to become a superpower. In reality the current government can only sustain itself by weakening local producers and letting petrodollars pay for all kinds of imports. The only way Chavismo knows is to make everyone a beggar for imported products paid by oil, lots of oil.

We are importing now not only coffee from Nicaragua or black beans from the Dominican Republic but also more maize from the United States . We had been importing at one time or the other some basic things we could produce ourselves, but never ever at this rate, never ever at this level. We used to export a lot of our coffee and even some maize at times when the country was already mostly an oil economy. Caracas Chronicles gives you (mostly quoting in Spanish) another take on the subject of mismanagement.


  1. I was kinda surprised a couple of years ago when I went to Central Madeirense and discovered cans of corn imported from Poland on the shelves.

    Yes, from Poland? Why on earth would someone bring canned food from Poland to Venezuela? Am I the only one that find that absurd?

    1. Corn from Poland? Well, you got me there. Corn of all things...corn, the American product by definition...corn, which can only be planted in summer in Poland...corn, which was the daily bread for our native American ancestors for thousands of years.

      But then that's Bolivarian Venezuela. We import black beans from the Dominican Republic and coffee from Nicaragua...and it's better to import salmon from Alaska than get some national fish...crazy. And now you see how now the government had to devalue...and it only devalued less than half the way.


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