Monday, 4 February 2013

Chavismo celebrating a murderous act

Today, the military regime in Venezuela celebrates the failed but bloody coup its leaders carried out 4 February 1992. Back then Hugo Chávez and his fellow military chaps carried out an attack against a democratically elected government. The coup mongers used the Caracazo, the violent repression of rioters three years earlier, as an excuse for their murderous coup.

The excuse was silly, of course, as
1) the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez was due to end in 1994 anyway and Carlos Andrés Pérez could not be re-elected (that was what the constitution back then required, as anywhere else where there is a presidential system)
2) that government was democratically elected and although it had incurred in human right violations, 3 years had passed and it was not as if the bloody military action prevented or stopped anything. If anything the military should have demanded an investigation. They didn't want as 
3) they knew the killers were among their lot: the ones who perpetrated the human violations of the Caracazo were not just Carlos Andrés Pérez and a handful of generals but a lot of military close to Chávez
4) the Chávez government has refused to enable an independent investigation of what happened in 1989
5) the Chávez government claims there were up to 5000 dead in 1989 and yet there is no list of missing people that goes much over the 270 officially reported dead.

We have a government of psychopaths.  This is the government people from the Far Left and the dogs of war abroad support. They are not a bit better than the Far Right.

We will remember.

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