Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Iran-Venezuelan money laundering scheme

Spiegel just published more details about former minister Masaheri, who was caught in Düsseldorf with a Venezuelan cheque for the equivalent of 52 million euros. The guy was going from Teheran through Istambul and Germany to Venezuela. As Spiegel says, he was discovered in late January and he is already back in Iran. Masaheri apparently has a GmbH, a limited company, in Düsseldorf. The company is specialized on raw materials and machinery and it is located in the posh street Königsallee. He said he had an address in another posh area but the only thing journalists could find there was a mailbox with his name.

And here the rub: German authorities are not sure they will be able to incriminate the Iranian in anything: there is disagreement among legal experts on whether a financial instrument that is only valid in a country needs to be declared at all. Apparently, we will have more news about this in about a week's time.

I will be updating this soon.

Masaheri also owns a nice company in a chic area of Düsseldorf.

Hat off to Heike!

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