Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Two very different questions

1) What happened to the US American who was detained last August in Western Venezuela and was accused of spying or somehow plotting against the Chávez government? Chávez announced the whole thing. The US confirmed one of its citizens had been detained. After that, neither the Venezuelan nor the US government have discussed the issue.

2) What has happened to the process against Boligarc Arné Chacón (the brother of top honcho and military man Jesse Chacón) for corruption? He was set free in December 30 because he had been in prison for 2 years without any trial taking place. Will there be a process? Who will know about its results? Can the public see any of it? Didn't he steal hundreds of millions? 

Schnee von gestern? Water under the bridge? ¿Pasó a la historia?

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