Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Infanta and Twitter


María Gabriela Chávez, Hugo's Oldest, hadn't twitted since 5 January (until today Thursday morning, 10 January). Before that, she was a rather copious twitter user. Today she changed the image she had as profile. Before, it was one of Chávez as a young lieutenant with some kitsch poem he had written for her.

Now you can see the new profile picture. Does that have any meaning? We do know since 6 January new security measures were taken at the medical centre after so many leaks occurred.  María Gabriela is obviously restraining herself...probably re-assessing (specially after her phone call with the family of a famous comediant who died on 5.1). If you are a Chavista security official, please, give us some insight. Just joking. Peace and calm down!

Isabela and Catalina didn't have twitter

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