Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Legal coup: foreigners need to understand this about Venezuela

Luisa Morales (nomen est omen), the president of the Supreme Court of Venezuela, just declared it was kosher for the Chávez honchos to keep business as usual even if Chávez won't be able to take oath tomorrow 10 January as the Constitution demands, even if Chávez hasn't been seen since 11 December.

There is ONE thing journalists need to know about her: in 2009 that woman declared "the division of powers weakens the State". She has never taken any position that could be seen as negative about Chávez' policies. She even threatened a journalist in front of the cameras because the journalist asked a difficult question.

None of our fellow Latin American countries will say anything negative about what Chavismo is doing in Venezuela because practically every country in the region has developed a nice trade surplus with Venezuela since Chávez came to power. (the only exception being Uruguay, which does import more than export because of oil).

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