Saturday, 2 July 2011


This sculpture, produced in Western Venezuela about the time when the Frankish Kingdom appeared in Europe, represents a man giving an offer.

The person who moulded it was very probably a Timoto-Cuica Amerindian. The Timoto-cuicas were part of the now mostly extinct Chibchan macrogroup.

They are all gone now. Still, they remain in our genes, specially on those from the maternal side (as opposed to the paternal side, which is mostly European). They remain in some of our traditions:


I always liked the name Timoto-Cuica, it sounds so musical: t m t kk

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  1. I am from the Andes in Merida and living in London, this is quite a interesting blog relating both...
    I will sure be checking it out
    for more info on timoto cuicas


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