Monday, 18 July 2011

Bolívar, Chávez and the Colon

Reseachers paid by the Chávez government were going to reveal Simón Bolívar's real cause of death on 24 July, the day he was born. Last year Chávez had made a real show when he ordered Bolívar's exhumation.

24 July is still some days away, but we already have some leaks. In Últimas Noticias we hear Chávez Bolívar suffered from a problem of the colon. According to these researchers, Bolívar had a colon problem and his doctor, Próspero Reverend, gave him enemas four times a day, which led to "hydroelectric inbalance" and to Bolívar's untimely death.

Rumours tell us Chávez has colon cancer.

Esa es Venezuela.

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