Friday, 29 July 2011

Chávez discovers America

This was yesterday. Now this is a suspicious behaviour

Now that Venezuela's military caudillo is presumably sick, he is starting to discover some obvious things. For instance, today he came to the conclusion it is "suspicious to be completely dressed in red".

I have written a lot about red as ideological Ersat in our banana republic (like here, here and, in Spanish, here).

The caudillo's followers have to adapt to what their commandant thinks now. They used to think until yesterday that dressing up in red would make them ideologically they will have to check out what the caudillo is wearing.


  1. This is good news for me. I've always liked red shirts and have several of them that have been packed away since I came to Venezuela.

    Maybe in another ten years people will forget that a red shirt means a Chavista and I can unpack them.

  2. Perhaps in 8 years you can do that. Venezuelans do forget faster, even that kind of thing.

    Here nobody associates red with Chavismo and I wear red shirts from time to time, but when I approach a group I sometimes tap myself thinking: oops...will someone say I am a Chavista?

    It will be interesting to see how Chavistas are now going to change their clothes. I am going to do some screenshots of Chavista honchos' accounts on Twitter right now and in 3 months.

  3. "Venezuelans do forget faster, even that kind of thing"

    That's for sure. Who remember that prior to the 2006 election, Chavez dumped the red shirt in favor of a yellow one and a blue one. Anybody remembers: "Por amor....".

    Cancer or not, what Chavez is doing is a replay of what he did then. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Not that he is particularly smart but rather that the Venezuelan electors, Chavistas, oppos and ni-ni are such a lobotomized lot.


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