Saturday, 2 July 2011

One of those who will have the most to lose with Chávez's departure speaks out

Military honcho Diosdado Cabello, one of the most notorious Chávez men, just declared:

"While we ask the president to heal and come back, there are soñe out there excited thinking the commandant won't come back. Of course he will and we will continue the revolution (sic)...They, the traitors of the fatherland as Primero Justicia, AD, COPEI, Globovisión, Últimas Noticias, El Nacional, El Universal, would not doubt a single second to sell out the Fatherland to the North American Empire"

Where do we start?
  • This is good news for Primero Justicia, as it was mentioned firstly.
  • Had a journalist from El Nacional or El Universal written Diosdado is a traitor of the Fatherland,  the government would have closed down the newspaper or imposed a huge fine.
  • Últimas Noticias used to be a rather pro-Chávez newspaper, even Chávez used to praise more.
The Bolibourgeoisie is worried.

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