Thursday, 7 July 2011

Palestine should demand recognition as state from United Nations, in spite of what the US says

Victoria Nuland, the new spokesperson for the United States Department of State, just declared it is not good that Palestine demands from United Nations the recognition as a state.

She says "negotiations have to continue" - like they have been doing for so many decades now. Meanwhile, the Israeli government is stealing more and more acres of land from Palestinians. It is pushing forward ethnic cleansing. When Palestinians demand the expansion to stop, the Israeli government claims that is not possible, negotiations should be "without pre-conditions". The chuzpah.

Victoria Nuland's grandparents were Jewish and although her dad considers himself agnostic, he is very attached to that community. Somehow that reminds me a bit of Ari Fleischer, a previous White House Press Secretary, also from Jewish background. I find it curious I don't see so many Arab names among those spokespersons and secretaries. Is it not fair to ask about it? The ratio difference between Jewish American/Arab American is not that significant (even if most Arab Americans are not Muslim).
Palestinian woman having to leave what is now Israel, 1948

Palestinians should ask for recognition of Palestine as a state. The current government of the US just wants to avoid vetoing Palestine, as the Israeli government will demand from them, because that would show very clearly how the US is so partial about the whole issue. If they veto, be it. The world will know. It is time to recognise Palestine as an equal state. It has as much right to exist as Israel. Israel has to accept it has no more and no less rights than anyone else. It is not special. It is not superior. It has to abide by international law, like anyone else.


  1. Just remember if palestine becomes a UN recognized state and Hamas (which currently controls gaza and will become part of the govenrment) fires a rocket at Israel that is an act of war.

  2. Hi, there, Anonymous. I was waiting for you anytime with such a feedback.
    You have become rather predictable.

    I stated my point already. Keep believing in what you believe if that suits you.

  3. An entity that is asking to be recognized as a State should start by recognizing its own neighbor as such.

  4. It's funny how these comments all seem to come from the same region of the USA.

    Palestine is under occupation. Fatah has recognised Israel. The hawkish sectors in Israel have actuallty promoted big time radical Hamas.
    They also say: "oh, we can't protect Israel if we retreat a bit". This is nonesense. At this moment there is no "limit" on what rockets or anything can do to reach or not any place in Israel.
    Either they can defend the borders of 1968 or they cannot defend anything (they can, of course they can).

    Palestinians could hardly do anything before the Israelis bombs them all. Palestinians have done way more in the form of concessions while Israelis have kept stealing more and more land completely against very basic international law...all this based on the pretension people identifying with the "Jewish cause" and who are less Semitic than the Palestinians, are the "pure" descendants of the Israelites of 2000 years ago...
    completely obnoxious.
    No surprise the state of Israel supported South Africa's Apartheid regime.


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