Saturday, 12 December 2009

Venezuela plays

Good article by Rory Carrol, from the Guardian, about our Sistema.

Actually, "this thing with music" predates the Sistema, even if it has undoubtedly helped a lot. Already Alexander von Humboldt noticed on his visit to Venezuela a marked predilection for music, which is greatly cultivated, and which (as always results from a taste for the fine arts) brings the different classes of society nearer to each other.

One of the things I miss of Venezuela is the spontaneity and casualness in which classical music is enjoyed. Listening to Brahms or Rossi, Bassano or Jean-Marie Leclair is not just something for some posh elite or for the elderly. It is for people from every group of society. That is the only way it should be.

A difference I always noticed between concerts in Venezuela and Europe (apart from the way people dress): Venezuelans will really applaud according to how they liked it, not more and not less. We have no mercy in that respect...but it is because we love music.

I also wrote something further about El Sistema and science in Spanish here. That is something we have develop now.

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