Tuesday, 15 December 2009

People's Ombudsman in Venezuela

Gabriela Ramírez is Venezuela's main People's Ombudsperson. Her work is to defend the People.
She has been doing that work since December 2007. She declared yesterday that protester Brito, who has been on a hunger strike because of what the state has done to him, is suffering from mental problems and that is why the government took him away from the OAS building to a military hospital to force-feed him. Already Miguel has written about the Brito case here. Dutch Alpha (in Dutch!) wrote a lot here. I wonder how many other persons will get mental problems in Venezuela these days.

Gabriela Ramírez was the one who also said during people's (not People's) protests about violent crime in Venezuela that "it is just a sensation created by the media". So, the highest murder rate in South America is just a sensation. The government rejects any open debate about that or any issue because they are not on the same league as us, the people.

Gabriela Ramírez is the same person who said in August of this year that she supported Attorney General Luisa Ortega Díaz in her proposal to introduce the Law Against Media Crimes (the outcry was so big that they had to dish it away).

That is the People's Ombudsman in Venezuela.

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