Sunday, 13 December 2009

Our parents used to eat this

The Common Opossum (Latin Didelphis marsupialis), Venezuelan Spanish Rabipelado (Naked Ass) is one of the most common mammals you will see in Venezuela. This marsupial is a relative of the Virginia Opposum, but this is the Latino version, as you can see from the map.

These animals are as ugly as the night and look like a mutant rat but my dad used to eat them as a child, as most rural people did in Venezuela (and the US with the V. Oppossum) some decades ago. My aunt tells me they did not taste that bad, but I have to say the times I saw these animals in the wild I was not hungry at all.


  1. In Piacoa eten ze ook cachicamos en papegaaien.

  2. Hoi, W.A.
    Mijn vader had ook cachicamos gegeten en slangen, ook enkele vogelsoorten maar geen papegaaien, denk ik.

    Je blog over Piacoa & Venezuela is zeer interessant!

  3. Hoi Kepler,

    Wow! Ik ben zeer verbaasd dat jij of iemand het leest. Had er geen idee van. Er komt in ieder geval nog een heleboel op.

    Ik volg jouw blog al jaren. Heel leuk en interessant!



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