Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Evil Dutch against Venezuela

Gemene Hollanders, wat zijn jullie van plan?

Onze leider zegt hier dat jullie ons samen met de gringo's
willen aanvallen!*

Sorry, guys, it is either Spanish or Danish here:

evil Hollanders, what are you concocting? Our leader says you, together with the gringoes, want to attack us!

Here an arti
cle from Volkskrant (in Dutch) on the presidential family in Barinas.


  1. Perhaps he is mistanking the dutch disease with some type of biological warfare tactic.


    But then again, after the claim that the CIA is spying us thru the DirecTV sets anything goes.

    I guess asking for some evidence of this dutch plot is out of the question, yes?

  2. The guy is really a clown. I am sure the place has spies as every other place does, but I don't think Hugo has any proof of any troops or military action against Venezuela, he is just craving for newspaper space.

    The fact he even mentioned the sourereinity of those islands...give me a break, those islands were taken away from the Spaniards in 1634.

    The incredible thing is that Hugo so far hasn't given back the ancestral lands Pemones, Yekwana and other Venezuelan groups want.

    And the sad thing? Seija's latest poll. It shows the level of information of Venezuelans on average.
    We as a nation have failed as we allowed so many people be so ignorant of history, geography, basic maths (no idea about how the economy works), so lacking in the capacity to analyze general conditions of a country...and that is why we have Hugo as president.

  3. Hola Kepler,

    It is a clown,but...... a dangerous one!
    He will never attack the ABC islands.
    It is his last action when he is doing this.
    it is indeed a cry for space in the newspaper, so that he can let the world know that he is against the American basis in Colombia.
    It will say no drug from colombia to Venezuela. No Farc or other terrorist groups can shelter in Venezuela after an attack in Colombia or smuggling drugs.

    enne...... ik lees dat het of Spaans is of Deens is op je blog.

    Ahora si que me perdí, ahora si es verdad, tengo una mezcla de idiomas en la cabeza que me tienen confundido, jajajjaja.


  4. Hi, Alpha.
    I mean the video was in Spanish with the Danish interpreter on the side. So an English speaker who does not speak either language would gain little by playing the video.


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