Friday, 4 December 2009

I look you in the red-eye, baby

If you eat them before they eat you, you will have a great time. I tell you: they are de-li-cious. The red-eyed piranhas, in Spanish caribe pinche, in scientific lingo Serrasalmus rhombeus, are one of the many species of piranhas I talked about earlier. You can find them in the Orinoco River or in the Negro River or some other rivers of the Orinoco basin. Humboldt tried them as well.

I honestly don't know how their stocks are doing these days. I looked for the information in some sites of endangered species but found no warning or anything.

I hope

  1. they have not much mercury now in spite of all the illegal mining going on
  2. their stocks don't suffer from the export as aquarium fact, I hope export for aquarium purposes be prohibited and the export for the food industry be regulated to guarantee sustainability. Eat them on the spot or leave them!

More on this species here. That is a good site to find out about all kinds of fish.

PS: I am adding a new feature, the Users' reactions bar. I have over 140 unique visitors every day by now, sometimes more, but still I would like to have more feedback from them to improve this blog. I would be very thankful if you go through a couple of posts and rank them.

1 comment:

  1. and a fish in the hand is worth two in the long as there are two or more in there.


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