Saturday, 28 June 2014

Arreaza justifies shooting traitors

Last week we saw how Maduro sacked Chávez's long-standing minister Giordani and how Giordani, the Monk, responded immediately by publishing a long letter trying to justify himself. Several bloggers have discussed this extensively. Another civilian leftist and former minister of general education, of university education and science during Chávez's time, Héctor Navarro, defended Giordani and got expelled from the Politburo. Then a former governor fallen in disgrace, Rafael Isea, criticized the way Giordani and Navarro have been treated.

And now we have three Boligarchs - Elías Jaua, Diosdado Cabello and Freddy Bernal - calling Giordani and others traitors.

Now Chávez's son-in-law, Arreaza, wanted to outdo the others. He said traitors should be executed. Of course, he used a very cheap trick: he went to Guayana, met the very corrupt governor (a former coup monger) and there he talked on national TV to remind Venezuelans how the caudillo Simón Bolívar had executed a competitor of his, the independence hero Piar, "for treason".

"The governor showed us today the wall where general Piar was executed by order of Simón Bolívar. It was a necessary measure because we (sic) couldn't allow treason in a moment when unity was essential to build the republic. Here there won't be traitors, president. Your people closes rank with you"

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  1. This speech shows Jorge Arreaza at his best. Now we must wait for the PSUV´s true believers´ response. Will they be silenced by Arreaza´s threats? Or will they stand up for their beliefs? Are there any true communists left in Venezuela?


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