Saturday, 21 June 2014

Tod in Caracas und Erdölgeschäfte

Der venezolanischen Zeitung Notitarde zufolge war Cristophorus Wilhelm Klieuters, der Deutsche, der in Caracas kurz nach seiner Ankunft letzte Woche ermordet wurde, ein häufiger Besucher Venezuelas. Er war ein Geschäftsmann und hatte vor, mit mehreren Bonzen der staatlichen Erdölgesellschaft PDVSA zu sprechen. Klieuters hatte eine Firma, die mit Bohrinseln zu tun hatte, wie die Bild-Zeitung berichtet.

Kurioserweise heuerte er die Dienste einer privaten Sicherheitsfirma an, die einem aktiven General der berüchtigten venezolanischen Nationalgarde -Guardia Nacional- gehört. Wie kann um Gottes willen ein aktiver General so eine Firma treiben und das in einer sogenannten Revolution?

Hier könnt Ihr Dieterich auf Spanisch hören. Der Kerl, der sich als Ökonom bezeichnet, hat nichts verstanden. Er beschuldigt Maduro vieler Fehler, als ob Chávez damit nicht angefangen hätte. Er sagt, Maduro hätte nun inkompetente Minister, als ob die Minister des Caudillos Chávez andere Menschen gewesen wären.

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  1. Mr. Klieuters was somewhat unprepared for a trip to Caracas. I lived there for many years, and over time I developed my own airport security precautions, which I used when I had relatives come to visit, which I think I should share if any more Germans are crazy enough to want to visit:

    The first rule is to look as average as possible. This means ALL jewelry must be taken off and left behind. Haircuts, watches, cell phones and anything else you carry has to be on the cheap side. Adults have to carry two sets of everything. One set is the one you will let them steal, the other is the one you really want to keep. This means you need a wallet loaded with old credit cards, enough cash to keep the thieves happy, copies of your IDs, and whatever else fits your part.

    Dress should be casual, expensive suits are out of the question. Never wear expensive looking shoes. The best solution is to wear shoes you can use to run a good sprint in an emergency.

    The escort service from the airport should include THREE vehicles. One of the escort vehicles ALWAYS lays back, but the other two can change places. However, it´s important to let them know you have at least two vehicles involved. Once they notice you are a hard nut to crack they´ll go get somebody else.

    Never have a routine, never arrive at the same time, never tell the hotel when you are arriving. Move fast at the airport, get in the car, and move. Help the escorts look out for chase cars. Moving fast really helps.

    If there´s a car breakdown, change cars and move fast. Same applies to an accident. Don´t stay put anywhere.

    Discourage your escorts from using their firearms, it may put you down like Klieuters. The best solution is to hand over the money, watch, and cell phone you carry which are intended for that purpose. But the escorts have to be warned not to let them kidnap you. So if they try to shove you in a car or on a motorbike they SHOULD start shooting, so you have to hit the ground and cover your head with your arms.

    The best solution is to keep quiet, stay indoors as much as possible. And NEVER go out at night.

    One thing I find puzzling about the Klieuters case is the brazeness of the shooters. I get the feeling he may have been involved in business with somebody who wanted him dead? Was this a fake robbery? What was he doing in Caracas with a diplomatic passport?


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