Friday, 1 March 2013

Is Chávez dead?

Here I list the people who must have seen the caudillo since December 2012, apart from doctors and a selected group of security.

  • Nicolás Maduro, president and former body-guard and bus driver
  • Diosdado Cabello, military and former coup monger
  • Elías Jaua, long-time sociology student and radical rioter
  • Chávez's two eldest daughters
  • Arreaza, Chávez's son-in-law and minister of "Innovation"
People such as Cristina Fernández, Rafael Correa, Humala and Evo Morales have been prevented from seeing the man.

So: is Chávez spending his last days in La Orchila as some people claim? Or just dying at the Military Hospital in Caracas?

Why would the Boligarcs want to keep postponing elections? Do they want to carry out something while people is wondering about the man?

Meanwhile, the minister of Justice had to own up last yet there was a new record of murders in Venezuela. He claimed there were over 16000. An NGO monitoring crime in Venezuela says the real number is above 21000. It is almost for sure Boligarcs will claim the opposition killed Chávez...which will be quite some shameless statement, specially considering the murder rate has more than tripled since 1998.

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