Monday, 9 July 2012

Venezuela's Wonderful Electoral Registry (chapter XXIII)

Do you know somebody with the surname J? I do not mean J., I mean "J". Not even the Chinese can beat that with their Southern Chinese Ng.

In Venezuela there is apparently a guy who has as full name this: "José C J". C is supposed to be his unabridged middle name and J his full surname. Check him out, his ID is  17074225, according to the National Electoral Registry. He voted in 2010 in one of the most pro-Chávez parishes of Venezuela. 

Among other surnames in that voting centre we see Bailón (person that dances a lot) and Perdigón (pellet). I had never heard those surnames before but there are also a few Bailones and Perdigones in Spain, according to Spain's Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas. There is no one in Spain whose surname is J, though. He must be Czech or Chavista.

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