Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chávez orders reconstruction of Bolívar's face and discovers Bolívar looked like Chávez

Yeah, we saw it coming: Chávez  ordered a reconstruction of Bolívar's face based on the bones they started to analyse two years ago and they presented the results just on time for election time.

Lo and behold: the face has a strong resemblance to Chávez's clan.

Bolívar's "reconstruction"


We have reached Mugabe-like status.


  1. Yep, i see a strong uncanny resemblance here...not.

  2. OK, I see there is a whole discussion in El Universal about what the guy looks like.
    A lot of people think the image is just creepy. For me it looks like one of those paintings of Bolívar with a Photoshop of Chávez or a cro-magnon. Others think he looks like Capriles.
    What we can agree about is this: it ain't George Clooney.

  3. This reminded me of when I went to the Mare Mare Hotel in Pto la Cruz two years ago, which is now owned by the government and they had a portrait of Bolivar painted to resemble Chávez. I guess this is the hi-tech, less crude version of that.

    1. CACR,

      Loo at this (Chávez riding with Bolívar). That is a very low-tech version.

    2. What I found more outrageous about this whole lie is not that they are smearing him by calling him a "mestizo"
      (and some of the internet mockery is borderline racist)but that claiming that Bolivar was mestizo is used to deny the fact of the class and values he stood for (the mantuano creole ruling class) and once again simplifying our history to sustain their lie.
      Kepler, I remember once reading that the Bolivar family was denied a nobility title because of some distant mixed heritage, but I dont remember the source of if it was reliable, have you heard anything about this?

    3. Well, there were some sources talking about this. They pop up in history books sometimes, I don't remember the ultimate sources. That wouldn't surprise me at all, but in reality the most racialist people in the whole group were actually Venezuelan creoles, white Venezuelans...the ones who led the independence movement. At the end of the XVIII century the Spanish crown even started to ease race restrictions and also allow for "buying off" your racial status but the Venezuelan elite was very opposed to that.
      In reality I wouldn't be surprised that Bolívar was a mestizo. Look: we have 4 grandparents. Unless there is heavy inbreeding, we have 8 greatgrandparents, generation 4 backwards gives 16, generation 5 32, generation 6 64.
      Alexander von Humboldt commented in his diaries he doubted many of those proud criollos could say they didn't have black ancestors.

    4. Thanks for the info Kepler. I once read that there was a lot of inbreeding within the Mexican creoles. But the Venezuelan criollos were probably less strict than their Mexican counterparts. The offensive part of this whole thing is that, regardless of the fact if he was mestizo, Bolívar, specially at the beginning of his career was a reactionary who stood for defending the ruling class. By the way Kepler your comments are missed in Caracas Chronicles, although I'm not posting there much myself, mostly reading.


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