Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Stalemate in a banana...

PSUV got this

UNT got this

PSUV got this

PP got this

For those outsiders out there (I mean you and you, not you): there were local elections in a few municipios in Venezuela and in Guárico, a Llanos state and Amazonas, the Southernmost state.

For the municipios, it went like this:

Municipality State organization %
Achaguas Apure PSUV 58
Miranda Carabobo PSUV 52.24
Carrizal Miranda MUD 49.73
Arismendi Nueva Esparta MUD 55.47
Panamericano Táchira MUD 52.58
Boconó Trujillo PSUV 70.79
Miranda Trujillo PSUV 40.64
Manuel Monge Yaracuy PSUV 53.08
Maracaibo Zulia MUD 58.68
Nirgua Yaracuy PSUV 51.63

Guárico was won by the PSUV and Amazonas, the second largest state of Venezuela, was won by PP, a renegate, now "opposition" party.

No one lost or got a new municipio or state.

What we saw, though, was this:

  • The alternative parties lost by a larger margin than expected in Guárico. Firstly: the PSUV had a rather decent candidate for Llanos standards, not the absolute caudillo so far. The opposition had an ancient paleolithic candidate from the old Acción Democrática party, Carlos Prosperi. He did not have the support of PP, which is one of the least weak parties in Guárico.

This has to change. The alternative parties think they can divide their areas of work in very feudal fashion (as almost everybody thinks in Venezuela, only that Chávez has the petrodollars and the electoral committee and the judiciary under his thumb). They let AD take over in the Llanos and Delta Amacuro, even if AD is out of touch with times, typical AD voters ran to PSUV there, AD 'leaders' have no modern view of how to make a campaign and they are stuck in the seventies but without money. Meanwhile we have Borges, who is a leader of a national party but never gets out of Caracas-Valencia. Meanwhile we have a national leader of UNT who never leaves Zulia.

  • The feudal war between the Salas-Feo clan and Enzio Scarano in Carabobo goes on. Both are from the MUD, but the Salas-Feo clan prefers that anything goes to the PSUV than to a rival alternative candidate. This has become a constant problem. If all parties from the alternative forces had worked together in Miranda, Carabobo, chances are we would have taken over that municipio.
  • Rosales' wife got less votes than he did in Maracaibo. It will take more than being the wife of a dubious "leader" in exile to expand
Other than that, nothing changes.

Oh, the military regime took over 20% of Globovisión's shares. In Spanish here

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