Friday, 17 December 2010

Amazing Venezuela

The Bufo marinus is one of the largest toads on Earth. It comes from South America.

Mr Carlos Escarrá is one of the best known deputies for Chávez's Party, the PSUV. He comes from Aragua. He was recently interviewed by the CNN on the suspension and penalization of deputies who vote against what the party says.


  1. Oh, oh, I don't think so.
    I checked out the origin of the first picture and I read it was taken in Australia. The Bufo is an invasive species there and it has been there since it was transplanted there in the XIX century.

    I reckon Mr Escarrá was born in Aragua state, Venezuela.

  2. Besides, if you look carefully you will see Mr Escarrá is a couple of years older. So: no twins, really.

  3. Toadie?

    Now I can't NOT picture Hugo Chavez amiable picking on him and calling him "Sapito"


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