Sunday, 19 December 2010

Дурак дурака хвалит, asinus asinum fricat

Three guys with less and less useful idiots by the day. Still, the remaining idiots will tell you you are a CIA agent if you criticize them

Yesterday, Europe's last dictator once more won the elections. He claims to have won with 79.67% of the votes. You can read it from the Belorussian and Lukashenko-loyal press here or you can read a different story from the German press here or from the British one here.

Relevant for a Venezuela-Europa blog is what the Venezuelan military regime -they style themselves as "civic-military"- says through the state media.

"The head of state won over a list of nine candidates who wanted to defeat him and stop his administration, an administration that is already 16 years old and the product of being elected three times."

"The elections were marked by protests in the country's capital by a group of opponents denouncing a supposed fraud. The anti-riots police intervened at about 17H30 GMT to break up a protest of some 200 people".

Of course, the Venezuelan and Belorussian media did not show the videos I did see on German TV, videos that showed many more than just 200 people. They did not show how Belorussians were voting in the countryside many days before the elections - something that is allowed by law, but which is disquieting as there are no independent observers. They did not show how the main opposition leader was beaten up for hospital.

Does this look like 200?

There are significant differences between the regime in Belarus and Venezuela. For one, Lukashenko does count with a much larger popularity than Chávez. Chávez does not have the majority anymore, even if he could get the most seats through anti-constitutional gerrymandering and some other tricks. Lukashenko is a far better manager than the Venezuelan military caudillo. After all, the Belorussian dictator had already some good experience as a Kolkhoz administrator during Soviet times. Still, Lukashenko very likely won by far less points than announced. He just can't afford to let that be seen because it would show there is indeed a significant proportion of citizens who are not happy. And that would have a domino effect in a place that has never known democracy. Venezuela did have democracy and freedom of press, even if the democracy was very dysfunctional and freedom of press always on fuzzy ground.

Chávez has an advantage: he can use and misuse vast amounts of oil and there are many governments that want Venezuela's oil or petrodollars.

Increased Internet censorship in Belarus

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  1. Very good article.

    I am so sad about the increased internet censorship.From what I have seen, there was always a lot of censorship in internet cafes and in schools, but in the apartment buildings many rigged up their own systems.

    It is true that Lukachenko is more popular than Chavez but there are more benefits to living in Belarus than in Venezuela mostly because of low crime, good education and free health care. However I think that freedom of expression is much more difficult in Belarus than in Venezuela.My son was lucky to study his master's degree in piano performance with one of the world's greatest teachers for only 3,000 dollars for 2 years.Yet most of the incredibly great pianists who live in Belarus will never be heard by the world.So sad.

    If you go out to dinner with your family, you must not discuss the government.You must not even mention it.There is a horrible atmosphere of control everywhere you go.When Lukachenko drives down the street with his entourage, people freeze.

    Still the Russian mafia does pretty well there from what I hear.

    And last but not least, it is surprising to see how many do not care that much for freedom of expression.They grew up that way and it is a part of the culture, which to me is also very sad.But lo and behold there are some who do care, God Bless them.


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