Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A Venezuelan to the Israeli government

Some Israelis, specially from the extreme right and conservative religious movements, are saying "how can you prevent us from building settlements in East Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, it is our land, to prevent us from doing that while allowing everybody else is racism", "you are anti-Semite".

Not really. There are already people living in those places, tilling that land, it is not empty. They are being vacated from those houses and farms and their families had been living there for many generations, even since prehistorical times. The day Israel allows Palestinians, who have lived in the whole of Palestine continuously, to settle down in Nazareth and Beersheba, in Haifa and West Jerusalem, you can do some talking. Actually many of those Palestinians are former Jews who first converted to Christianity and them to Islam, as genetic analysis and history have shown. The vast majority did not come with the Islam expansion but were there. They have been there all along. Both groups have equal rights to live in the whole region in peace. The Israel government should abide by international laws. It is neither on a lower nor on a higher moral standard than anyone else. This is not Joshua II. Arab terrorists should stop attacking Israel and the Israel state should stop preventing Palestinians from settling in Israel or, if they don't want free settlement of Arabs in Tel Aviv or Beersheva, give up its settlements in West Jordan. Palestinians are as much descendants of the inhabitants of all that region (i.e. from Haifa to the West Jordan) as the Jews.

Some reading:
Attacks against Palestinians (2008 but still similar things are happening now)
Prime Minister Brown and settlements (this year)
Powel asking to stop settlements (in 2001 already)
You like reading the book of Joshua? So do I, but read this book.
And last but not least, Israeli settlements on Wikipedia, with different viewpoints.

Ps. The map above shows the settlements in 2006. Right now many more are there and the Palestinians have less and less land. I stand with Israel and Palestine.

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