Monday, 3 August 2009

Moratinos: shame of Spain

Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs Moratinos, from the PSOE, declared, after signing juicy oil deals with the Venezuelan regime that "Spain trusts the Venezuela of the present and the future". He also said he thinks media in Venezuela is doing fine. Hello, was Moratinos really a social democrat? What is the matter with the current government of Spain? They critized so much the PPs links to right-winged regimes and now they do this?

Well, the Repsoil deal will bring just too much money for Spain so Moratinos decided, once more, to forget about human rights in Venezuela. Human rights are for people from Europe or North America only, apparently.

Bravo, Moratinos! You secured a lot of money for Spain...never mind democracy or social democracy in Venezuela...


  1. Oil trumps all. prices will go up and stay up. Chavez will cement his power. To bet against Caracas is foolish.


  2. Indeed oil trumps all...but we Venezuelans can put a lot of pressure on the Spanish government. I think this is very very possible.
    There are over half a million Venezuelan-Spaniards. We can make a lot of noise in Madrid, Barcelona, etc.

  3. Hola Kepler,

    It was really amazing what this "Dodo" said about the freedom of speech in Venezuela. Ok there is an unemployment-ship of 18% in Spain, but this will not say that you can approved an dictatorship.

    Moratinos is not so popular in Spain en everyday he gets more critics.

    International Association of Broadcasting (AIR) already reacted on the words of Moratinos.
    Here in Spain he gets a lot of nasty comments.



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