Sunday, 23 August 2009

People who do not like Chavez are not allowed to go to the city centre

No, at least not to march, not even to deliver a letter to the government, not to do anything official, anything even kitsch, as putting flowers at the Bolivar Square as Venezuelans used to do. The only way some oppo can even get close to the place and not be attacked is if he dresses up as a tourist and goes alone. If they do try to go there or perhaps even if they don't, but are just too close, they get tear-gas and bullets from the police...the same police I said before are 150 times more likely to be criminals than the average Venezuelan.
Blogger Miguel, who was there, reported it all here.

And if the opposition does not like it, they get the most obnoxious speech you
can imagine from someone who is supposed to be a police agent (here if you speak Spanish).


  1. BS...opposition protests either turn violent, or do not follow the demarcated route. If they did the same in the UK or Australia, they would also be met with the water cannon, horses etc..

  2. I am against violence, unlike Hugo chavez and some extremists on either side.
    Now, in Britain and in Australia the government in power does not prohibit the opposition to march peacefully in certain places while it allows its people to do so there.
    In Venezuela they don't even allow even a handful of Venezuelans who are not pro-chavez to put flowers on the national day in any main square.

    There are worse than this:


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