Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Journalists provoked attack on themselves, Chavez party says

That is what the PSUV, Hugo Chavez 's party said.
On one side they anounced they reject the physical attack on the journalists. On the other side they said the journalists, who were distributing flyers expressing their position about the new education law, which also affects freedom of speech, were provoking the attack on them by the TV Ávila (government) employees.

Chavez said "even if the journalists feel attacked they should not show those pictures" (about the attack) as there are "proofs" that some of the people were provoking.

Miguel has written more on this here.

What does the European Union say about that?


  1. This is all very coherent with Chavez' green-ecological postures. I mean, did you see what those guys did to those poor, defenseless pieces of wood, using their heads?

  2. They are almost at that point, sometimes even beyond that.

    EU readers who speak Spanish
    who are not following us can read about that in satirical online magazine higüire Bipolar:

    The chavista declarations are as crazy.

  3. By the way: did you see how the government said there is a state of law in Venezuela because Lina Ron is in prison for her attack on Globovision? (an attack caught by cameras all around her, an attack even the foreign media reported)

    Never mind the political prisoners we have or have had there, like Uzon:

    Never mind normal people like Arne Chacon can become multimillionaires and yet


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