Sunday, 11 September 2016

Switzerland and Chavismo's corruption

If you read French, you should take a look at this article summing up some of the corruption scandals related to Chavistas and Swiss banks.

Hats off to Swiss journalist Alexandra Ulmer.

One of the thugs holding power in Venezuela loves Swiss watches... ohter Chavistas love Swiss banking secrecy


  1. And for those of us who speak little or no French, Google Translate will do. Google Translate doesn't pretend to be perfect, nor do those using it expect to be perfect. As such, I was more amused than angry when I found the following translation:
    L’une d’elles a donné lieu à la séquestration de plus de 100 millions de dollars sur des comptes bancaires translates to" L’une d’elles a donné lieu à la séquestration de plus de 100 millions de dollars sur des comptes bancaires.

    I would assume that from the context, that "séquestration" would be better translated as freezing of an account, instead of kidnapping. "Séquestration" reminds me of the Spanish verb "secuestrar," to kidnap.

    Though I could be mistaken in my translation of "séquestration" to "freezing" of an account.

    Whatever the language, I imagine that Alek Boyd would be glad to hear this news.

    1. Tejano, I think they refer indeed to "sequestration". Of course, Google Translate works with mappings based on language models trained on parallel corpora and what they had was not good enough.
      In any case, I hope as many Venezuelan low military and cops as possible find out a bit about these things...not easy and, I know, not easy if we only write about them in other languages than Spanish.


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