Sunday, 15 February 2015

Chavista justice and the drug boss who went out of line

Well, you know: Makled was a gangster who was a Chavista first but then he wanted to get into politics in Valencia, the city where he was most active. That displeased Chávez and even though Makled came fourth when running for mayor of Valencia, the regime initiated a process against him. He fled to Colombia, the US and Venezuela fought for his extradiction, Makled wanted to be extradited to the US but ended up in Venezuela. Recently his trial took place and the judge gave him 14 years.

The government was not amused. What did it do? There was a speed investigation process of the judge who saw Makled and he was just sent to the Helicoide, where criminals are detained before some speedy trials.

This is not my fight. I am just observing how gangsters fight each other.

This is about who controls the cocaine traffic through Venezuela.

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