Saturday, 4 October 2014

Maduro says Serra was killed by Uribe (and the rest)

Maduro has, not surprisingly, declared PSUV deputy Serra was killed on the orders of Uribe and "those in Miami", by fascists (which is Chavismo talk for the opposition). He said a similar thing about the murder of notorious military Eliécer Otaiza, who was killed last April by...the usual criminals who roam Venezuela under the so-called revolution.

Let's see.

Serra was a Santero, like many Venezuelans since Cuba is calling the shots in Venezuela. There are supposed to be two broad types of Santeros: those practicing the "white" and the "black" sort and the first ones are supposed to be practicing white magic and the others the bad one. In reality, it's the same rubbish and they all have mafioso structures. To be a 'godfather' means a lot of wealth for them.

Serra arrived to his house on Wednesday and told his bodyguards to leave because he was going to prepare some dinner (?) with his group. His assistant opened the door for 6 six people, two of them dressed as Santeros. The visitors attacked the assistant and Serra using knives. The criminals then found the six cameras Serra kept in place, took them so as to prevent leavin any sign of their action and fled. Obviously, the guys knew the place well and their victims knew them as well.

Maduro has previously said Uribe wanted to kill him and that the opposition had bought several planes now stationed in Colombia and ready to invade Venezuela.

If you made any kind of concrete accusation against Maduro the way he does against the opposition, a judiciary process would be started against you right away, just like the military honcho Cabello has done against the newspaper Tal Cual and a journalist working there for something they wrote against him. Cabello, by the way, has already accused the opposition of being responsible for the death of Serra and he even hinted someone from Voluntad Popular might be behind that.


  1. More cucoo,more class-war,more divion,more hate,more inflation,more of everything we don't need but seem to want.

    The rich are too busy traveling,dining and shopping to care.
    The middle class are too busy leaving the country and trying to make ends meet.
    The low class is too busy cheering the latest bullshit production increase, and doing lines.

    Few protests here and there because of water rationing,power outages,scarcity,crime...only a few people left.

    Kep, I'm leaving this December for Panama with the wife..can't stand my situation any longer.Unemployed,we're living with my mom in a very small apartment,we're getting poorer and fatter,my wife's working almost 12 hours a day as a manicurist and she has a degree in Publicity and Public Relations.

    Wish us luck.Won't stop reading blogs.

    1. Juan, I am sorry you are forced to leave Venezuela. It's never nice to get out of a country for lack of options. I wish you a lot of success and happiness. Take your precautions all the time, plan regularly, even more so now and look ahead!


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