Sunday, 21 September 2014

New Maduro strategy: physicians as terrorists

Ángel Sarmiento, head of the Physicians' Association in Aragua, a state not far from Caracas, declared on 12 September that 8 people had died in Maracay in the previous 72 hours of an unidentified disease. He said there were no facilities in Aragua to investigate what the cause of death was and that the physicians had sent the probes to Caracas but they hadn't got the results yet. He asked the government to speed up things. He asked international organisations to help.

Dr Sarmiento is very close to the opposition and he is befriended with Mardo. You just need to look at his Twitter account.

The governor of Aragua, Tarek El Aissami, announced now there is an order of capture against Sarmiento for "terrorism". El Aissami said there is an investigation against the vice-president of the Medical Association as well. The vice-president had expressed support Sarmiento's statement. Just one day earlier the police had got into Sarmiento's house and visited that of his mother.

Let's remind peole who Tarek El Aissami is. He was born in Venezuela of Syrian parents. During his "studies" at the Universidad de los Andes he was mostly busy with organizing political activities and, some say, illegal businesses. His father apparently belonged to the Baath party in Iraq. His family is the typical group of socialist pan-Arabists who supported Saddam Hussein. The father was busy in extreme left actions for years in Venezuela. They have strong links to the Syrian regime. People of Syrian-Lebanese extraction are over-represented among the Chavista honchos.

Maduro had previously said the opposition is trying to carry out a "bacteriological war". He also said the regime-critical media was developing a psychological war. As you can see, for Maduro's brain, it's both: it's a lie that there are unknown bacteria or viruses killing people but if they exist, it's the opposition that is spreading them and, anyway, it's all fibs from the remaining government-critical newspapers.

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