Friday, 24 October 2014

¿Eres un venezolano o extranjero venezolanizado que vive en el exterior?

Si eres un venezolano o extranjero venezolanizado que vive en el exterior, tengo dos preguntas para ti: ¿cuánto cuesta un kilo de Harina PAN en el sitio más cercano a tu casa y de qué ciudad se trata?

Produciré un mapa que refleje todas las respuestas.

Muchas gracias por tu colaboración.


  1. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, I get mine at the local latin food mart....$3.99 cnd

  2. In München, Bayern, Deutschland 2.50€
    In Marburg, Hessen, Deutschland 1.50€ jeweils im Asia Markt.

  3. Thanks very much! Keep sending them. I got also quite a few prices via email as well (desarrollo . sostenible . venezuela at gmail dot com)

  4. 2.99 $ in North Carolina

    1. In a Mexican grocery store

    2. Thanks. I just got an email that $2.99 is also the price in Miami. Hopefully I get more information from other US regions. I already got several emails from other countries as well. It's going to be fun to draw that map.

  5. € 2,45 in Berlin (Spanish or Asian shops)

  6. CHF 3.50 (aprox. USD 3.65) in Zurich, Switzerland

  7. Thanks you all! I hope to get some data from Portugal, Greece, Ireland and the Czech Republic! Also more data from France would be nice.

  8. $2.44 at Walmart in Largo, Florida (Tampa area)

  9. In Vancouver, 3 for 10$ cad.

    and on U.S. Amazon, pricing is really weird.-

    Pan Harina-Harina Pan Yellow Corn Meal Flour 1 Kg Venezuela
    by PAN
    6 customer reviews
    Price: $3.59 + $5.19 shipping
    In Stock.
    Sold by Natural Corner.
    One (1) bag of 1 Kg Harina PAN pre-cooked yellow corn meal flour.
    Net Weight: 1 Kg (2.2 lbs).
    Product of Colombia.
    The first and most popular brand of plain corn flour in Colombia and Venezuela.
    Un (1) paquete de 1 Kg Harina PAN de maiz amarillo precocinada.

  10. New Jersey $ 2.59

  11. 2.80 croton on hudson new york


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