Thursday, 10 April 2014

Murder in the Land of the Pseudo-Revolution: United Nations' Report

 Here you have the latest UNODC report on crime in the whole world. The key part on page 35:

"South America now has the same homicide rate as in 1995, which is the result of very different trends at the country level. For example, Colombia’s homicide rate has been decreasing since 1996 but remains at a very high level, while the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is the only country in South America that has had a consistently increasing homicide rate since 1995. Other countries in the region have quite stable homicide rates, but at different levels: Brazil’s homicide rate is quite stable and high, while hom- icide rates in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay are stable and lower, which gives them homicide pro- files closer to those of European countries. " 

Also take a look at this here (from page 38 of the same report):

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