Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Mother versus cops

This video is circulating in Venezuela...this is just one of many examples of what is going on in the Land of Grace.


  1. I really hope for change en mi vzla querida BUT man, i live in st.pauli hamburg and we get a lot of protests, scenes like this where the police spray pepper or gas in the face of people happens all the time, and we live in a so called "free" country....not only in this but also in other videos the venezuelan students are so aggressive to the GNB and police,....of course they defend themselves, especially in a country where everybody has guns,...also the opposition!!!. venezuela is in the 3rd month of protest, students are closing important streets every single day,....do you actually this is possible in germany? jajajaja qué risa me da....angie merkel would send as many troops as posible and the parents of the students probably have to pay for the destruction of public goods...all i see at the moment in vzla es una guerra de animales salvajes,...i really miss a constructive dialogue between both parties. ahora estoy muy muy cansado de la mala propaganda en ambos lados....

    1. There is stupid violence from some radicals in Venezuela but by far the violence comes from Chavista thugs, either the cops and guardia nacional like here
      or the paramilitary.


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