Monday, 1 July 2013

Venezuelan resources to waste in Russia

The Russian pro-government newspaper Izvestia tells us a bit about the visit of Maduro to Russia. He just arrived in Moscow in a Cuban plane. The publication says Maduro might try to see how to take Snowden to Venezuela. Maduro will surely discuss this with Putin.

A guy from the Russian State University for the Humanities, Mikhail Beljat, said that once Ecuador started to behave so cautious about Snowden, Venezuela has become "his only option" in Latin America. I would not be so sure but I am sure Maduro will try anything to get him, just to bug the US Americans. Maduro acts exclusively on gut feeling - or what Cubans or his wife tell him to do.

Maduro will also inaugurate a street called after Chávez. We reported already that Igor Sechin, when visiting Venezuela for some business a few weeks earlier, called the Moscow major in order to ask them to get a street named after the deceased autocrat. I suppose that was the price to speed up the signing of some oil or weapons' contract.

The Izvestia article also mentioned an anecdote about the late caudillo: one day, while on a visit in Moscow, he decided out of the blue to see the memorial Battle of Stalingrad and so the next day he flew to Volgograd, something Russians didn't expect. This is the way the Venezuelan officials - military men and former "revolutionaries", act.

Chávez wanted to see this, so he got himself and the whole court flown to Volgograd, former Stalingrad. What will Maduro want to do?

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  1. VenezuelanFluchtling1 July 2013 at 20:37

    I also notice, Maduro made some announcement about a joint "investment" fund for gas exporting countries. Pathetic, running to Russia for money (since we can be sure Venezuela can't afford to put any money into this fund!), Russia isn't stupid like Chavez and they want something in return for their money...


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