Sunday, 30 June 2013

Conflict of interests? "Defence" and money

Here you have an glimpse of some of the people who acted as most recent directors of certain US defence/security agencies. In yellow you have some of the companies for which they went to work after they left their governmental posts. 

As you can see, former NSA directors Inman and McConell went to work to Academi -aka Blackwater- and to Booz Allen Hamilton respectively. CIA director Woolsey also went to work for Booz Allen Hamilton (that's the company where Snowden was). Notorious George Tenet is active with two other defence contractors: L-1 Identity Solutions and QinetiQ. These guys are just the top. The governmental organisations and the companies that earn billions from state contracts are more interconnected than what most people would think...and that goes not only for the USA.

These people are the ones who promote policies that lead to a government spending billions and billions...on companies they will later work for, in wars that will be good for the companies and for certain interests. All those organisations used every piece of information they can access from us.

Accountability has been lost.

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