Monday, 3 June 2013

"That dead people vote should not be reason for a scandal"

One of the members of the National Electoral Council, Socorro Hernández, stated that we shouldn't be scandalized that dead people are voting in Venezuela.

As newspapers reported before, some journalists made a little check-up of voting data and realised there were voting centres with full participation although there were several voters who are known to have been very dead at the election time.

Socorro Hernández said it was not good that journalists write about those things on the front page because that causes distress. She was a leader within the Chávez PSUV party when the government selected her for being one of the managers of our voting system. As people protested about that, Hernández said she had stepped down from the party in order to proof she is neutral. Here (and in countless other events) we see how neutral she is.

The Maduro government claims it has carried out an audit but that is not true. It has been "counting" what electronically produced ballots say against what the machines that produced those ballots claim. That is completely rubbish. We claim there was massive tampering, lots of people voted who shouldn't have voted and the voting records have been greatly manipulated. We have found inconsistencies before and we keep finding inconsistencies even in the little data we can deduce things from.

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