Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Questions about Venezuela

I have a few questions.

Why did Nicolás Maduro replace Molero Bellavia with the Barinas politician Carmen Teresa Meléndez Rivas as minister of Defence? Chávez had appointed Molero to that position less than 7 months ago and he had appointed Meléndez to the post of secretary of state.

What does Athena tell you?

Why is Molero now ambassador to Brazil? Does that have anything to do with Mario Silva's leak?

What has happened to the trail of Arné Chacón, the brother of Jesse Chacón, current minister of "the Popular Power for Energy Production"? Billionaire and former military Arné Chacón was in prison from 2009 after Chávez himself complained he had become rich in no time. Arné Chacón was freed on the last day of 2012 but there has been no discussion about whether he will stand trial or what.

Will Jesse Chacón step down as minister in 3 weeks? He declared some time ago he would step down if he can't solve the energy crisis until then.

Do you think Snowden will be able and willing to relocate to Venezuela?

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