Saturday, 13 July 2013

Denn die Toten wählen schnell: the curious Venezuelan statistics

The data of the National Electoral Council (CNE) is very curious indeed. The data from the  Venezuelan National Institute of Statistics (INE) is also curious but above all it is funny. Sometimes things do not add up. If you put them together, you have weird, senseless data.

We know a census is about approximation. You just have a (more or less) educated guess.

One of the things that you see right away is the amount of very  young people who were not registered to vote. We can speculate about this "decalage" but I don't want to get into that here.

I want you to look further at the columns representing voters and estimated inhabitants after the 40 year of age. I produced that chart by using the data of voters for 2010 and comparing that with the 2011 census, which was based more or less on data from 2010. It seems the amount of voters for each age range (5 years for INE) is at least 6% higher than for the INE statistics beginning with the range of those 40 years old and older.

And that's why I write "denn die Toten reiten wählen schnell": they used to ride, now they vote.

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