Saturday, 25 August 2012

Venezuela's Magic Fauna and Energy Supply

Yesterday the state-managed energy company Corpoelec explained why an important area of Greater Caracas had a blackout:

It was a black vulture's fault. 

Zamuro, a type of black vulture
For those of you who may not know: in 2010 the government accused an iguana of being responsible for another major blackout in Western Venezuela. This June national authorities said a common possum caused a huge power failure in Ciudad Guayana, in Venezuela's Southeast.

Meanwhile, there was yet another fatal accident at a PDVSA refinery: a propane tank exploded in Amuay (Northern Venezuela) and authorities reported at least seven dead.

Fatal accidents within facilities of the state oil company have sky-rocketed since Chávez sacked 20000 employees because they were striking replaced them with many more loyal to him. The PDVSA staff has gone up by 133% in five years, but as you see this has made things more dangerous.

Remember it was here you read it for the first time: Chavismo's ultimate fall will be triggered by a tapir or an agouti.

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