Sunday, 12 August 2012

Capriles arrives to Caicara in spite of Chávez

The pro-Chávez governor of Bolívar, military Francisco Rangel Gómez, prevented the opposition candidate Capriles from landing in Caicara del Orinoco. Rangel closed the airport just like that. It is very hard to get to that location.

Remarkably, Capriles went anyway: using a curiara.

Kudos to Capriles.

Meanwhile, the caudillo went to the Western state of Táchira, declared that "Justice" Minister El-Aissami won't be the candidate for that region - contrary to what he previously said-. He said he will look for another candidate. Táchira has an opposition governor since 2008. According to Chávez, that is due to internal division among "Bolivarians"...and that is treason againt the People, treason against the revolution and treason, thus, against Chávez".

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  1. He is one determined man. The campaign slogan fits him well.


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