Monday, 20 August 2012

Nothing new in the Bolivarian front (updated)

There was nothing new to report on the Bolivarian front. Just over 24 prisoners got killed during the last "disturbances" in the last couple of days in Yare prison. Dozens were wounded. Apparently, everything started when one of the prisoners accidentally triggered a rifle. Accidents can happen in Venezuela. 

The murder count for Venezuelan prisons is well over 300 this year and we are set to break a new record. Alexander von Humboldt, who complained already two centuries ago about the state of our prisons, would find it hard to grasp that  things are going back to the worst of the worst.

But then - Chávez's sycophants will say - we are just on the year XIII of the Bolivarian Revolution. Apparently, things have to keep getting worse for a little while...just a little while.

Ps. apologies: I first got the wrong prison name, mixed up  Yare with El Rodeo...but there have been some riots there as well recently, only that not as deadly as usual. The death toll in Yare is worse than initially thought, though.

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