Monday, 3 October 2011

Asinus asinum fricat - iterum

The head of Belarus' Central Bank is Nadezhda Jermakova...Nadezhda means "hope" and that is what the Belarussian regime is desperately clinging to. Nadezhda Jermakova has just announced her country got 300 million euros in credits from Iran.

Belarus is basically bankrupt and it is being kept alive only through aid from other autocracies: from Venezuela's military regime through the years, from Russia and from Iran now. They all know: if Belarus' dictatorship goes, people in Russia, Iran and Venezuela will start to get some ideas. Venezuelans are getting those ideas already now. But what if Belarussians also start to protest more?

It is no coincidence that the Belorussians are visiting the Venezuelan caudillo these keep alive the promise that yes, they will complete the 20000 houses they have promised over the years...and so much more.

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