Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mind the "rural" areas: information distribution

Venezuela's population is concentrated in the coast. Still, people from there, specially from the centre, greatly overestimate their electoral weight. One of the reasons for that is that they are only reading and hearing themselves.

On the left, you see a pie chart showing the proportion of voters per state. On the right, you see the proportion of Venezuelan readers in this blog according to the state where they were born. This is based on the little poll I am carrying out right now. Although we are so far at just 42 votes, the trend will remain the same:

People born in the Capital District are overrepresented  on the web. Very few people in the Llanos and some other areas have access to Internet. Very few of them have access to quality newspapers either.

They are in a totally different world. If Venezuelan democrats want to reach those millions who are out of touch now with the rest of the world, they will have to find new methods.

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