Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Humboldt in Venezuela 2

The Pico Humboldt is the second tallest mountain summit of Venezuela. It rises 4,940 metres above sea level, which is not much for the Andes, but higher than the Mont Blanc by over 100 metres.

Good old Alexander von Humboldt was not on that side of Venezuela, although he did write a bit about the region and he investigate a lot about the rest of Venezuela. He very much deserved a peak and a river and a couple of other items called after him.

The Pico Humboldt has 2 of the 5 last glaciers in Venezuela. Chances are those glaciers will be gone by 2040. You can read some practical studd about how to reach the Pico Humboldt here (in Spanish).

The first person to get to the top was Venezuelan scientist Alfredo Jahn. I will write more about Jahn later on.

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