Saturday, 29 January 2011

Egypt and Venezuela

I find annoying the way every group is trying to take the Egypt's events to portray their side in Venezuela.

We have facts like these
  • The US government has supported dictator Mubarak for a long time thinking that is the way to prevent Islamic fundamentalism taking power there
  • The government of Israel is very interested in keeping Mubarak or someone with his attitude in Egypt
and Chávez's useful idiots and main honchos hint at the fact the protests in Egypt are more against the US and more for "something like Chávez".

Then we have things like these:
  • Mubarak is a military, like Chávez, and he thinks, just like the Venezuelan caudillo, that he is irreplaceable
  • Mubarak abhors open debates with the opposition, he prefers monologues, like Chávez

In reality geopolitics is way more complex than that.

One of the best commentators about the Middle East is Robert Fisk. I would suggest readers to take a look at what he has to say. Not curiously, he is a bit more cautious than many other "experts" on Middle East matters.

I hope Egypt will be soon a pluralistic, open society. I am afraid it won't be so soon -too many groups from many sides in many countries do not want this. As the saying goes, extremes meet.

One thing I know no extremes want is an open and free debate.


  1. It's interesting that if they consider themselves to be irreplaceable, they would fear open debate.

  2. Well, interesting but not surprising.

    I think this is one of the reasons why all these guys go for a (very strong) presidential system with some dummy opposition parties but everything under the control of one party.

    And what do we read now? The head of Egypt's intelligence is anointed as vice-president. What a joke!
    I wonder if this is so that certain people out there feel relieved.


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