Thursday, 6 January 2011

Do you want to know how much Chavismo rejects pluralism and fair play?

Just take a look at the site of the National Assembly of Venezuela (Venezuela, not the Chávez Party). It is a good example of how the military regime despises pluralism and open debate. It is a good example of how it pretends to be "the people", when it only represents less than half the country's population - at best.

If you don't speak Spanish, I will translate just a couple of titles:

"Venezuelan people ratifies its support to revolutionary deputies"

"Deputies from the right will never legislate for the benefit of the Venezuelan people" (Never mind there are several leftist organisations among the alternative parties)

You also have a link to Chávez's and Fidel's thoughts (Fidel is not Venezuelan, but then the Castro clan are the real bosses).

There is a lot more there. The only mention you see about the alternative parties is something about PJ-boss Borges "recognising that the president of the Nationall Assembly guarantees respect and balance to the new deputies".

The regime has emasculated the National Assembly and introduced an anti-constitutional law prohibiting deputies to vote against their party's wishes. The next step, the regime claims, is to introduce "parlamentarismo de calle". In reality what they are going to introduce is mob pressure: street debates are going to be controlled by the regime, there will be mobbing and threats, people who disagree with the regime will have to shut up because the regime's thugs will make noise and threats...just the same old story when the extremists take power.

If you visit the "national" TV station, you will find countless videos talking about how the alternative parties are traitors, full of criminals and so on.

This is the regime Venezuelans have to deal with now.

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